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On any database there are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to increase business from customers and prospects. These opportunities include everything from people who have stopped spending to gaps in product areas to low GP accounts.

With only so many hours in the day, and only so many messages we can communicate, how do we make sure we can get the right messages at the right time in order to achieve the results we want?

INsight takes the very best of CRM through market leading CRM provider Vecta, and combines it with automated marketing to help you to maximise every single opportunity in your customer and prospect base. Data is taken directly from your back office system, and on one user friendly dashboard shows you all your opportunities and threats so that you have an exact picture of what’s going on at any one time.

INsight has the potential to create renewed focus and drive across three main areas of your business: sales, marketing and in identifying opportunities.

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see INsight in action – if you’d like to book or demo or to find out how INsight can boost your opportunities then get in touch today.